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Cameroon Tourism Company

Also known as “Africa in miniature”, Cameroon is perhaps not the tourist destination that jumps to your mind when you are planning a trip. But Cameroon is gifted with diverse socio-cultural, ethnographic, ecological, geographical and anthropological endowments, briefly, a little of everything you want to discover on the African continent. You will be captivated by the unique and impressive fauna and flora and also by the immense beauty of its landscapes.

Cameroon has a huge unique culture, illustrated by its traditional architecture, cuisine, festivals, folklore ceremonies, arts, crafts and social organization modeled on ancestral values. You will discover Cameroon in its cultural and traditional deep. You will visit the cultural capital of Cameroon with great Ecotouristic potential and you will observe sacred lakes, forests, caves, mountains, waterfalls and sacred places as well as powerful old traditional chiefdoms.  In short, the country concentrates all the beauties of Africa; which explains why people consider that nobody could really discover Africa without having visited Cameroon.

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Cameroon Culture and Tourism

Let Motherland Tourism take you on tour and you’ll have a real ‘beneath the surface’ experience of Cameroon and other African countries, skilfully guided by one of our knowledgeable, engaging and fun local guides.

Visit Cameroon to experience the relation between tribal societies and modern cities, the exceptional variety of the flora and fauna, the cohabitation of traditional and democratic leadership…etc, this always gives tourists the impression that they are visiting several countries at the same time. During the trip, they may feel in harmony with art, nature and people, even give up to the Soul of Africa before finding themselves again.

Cameroon is one of the oldest countries of Africa and therefore has a lot of sites that can claim to be labelled as World Heritage Sites. There are several rich, historical, cultural and unusual attractions in Cameroon that form part of Cameroon’s heritage The diversity of languages, about 250 spoken by about 18 million people is in itself one of Cameroon’s great cultural heritages. For more details or additional information, please contact us.

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