Safari Tour 2


Tour Itinerary

Day one
Day one

Pick up from the Airport and lodged at Fini Hotel, Limbe with its beautiful seaside view.

Day two
Day two

*After an early morning delicious breakfast, we visit :
Limbe wildlife Centre which is home to rescued primates such as Gorillas, Chimpanzee, Drill Monkeys, Mandrill and other primates. It also harbors the African rock python, Nile crocodile. These animals are all victims of the illegal bush meat trade in Cameroon.
*The Limbe Botanic Garden with its beautiful and diverse plant species.
*Lunch at Seaside Hot Spot restaurant with its tasty Western and African cuisine.
*A visit to the historical Bimbia slave trade area.

Day three
Day three

Very early departure to Mount Cameroon going through:
*The dense equatorial forest
*Hut 1 right to the summit
*Various caves and craters

Day four
Day four

Descend From Mount Cameroon, lodge at Fini Hotel to departure the next day.

Tour Highlights

  • *Covers Wildlife and Historical Tours
  • *Visits to the peak of West and Central Africa
  • *Visit to a unique spot in the history of the African continent.
  • *Portrays what it takes to rescue orphan Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other primates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be risky going to Mount Cameroon?
Absolutely not, Mount Cameroon is a major tourist destination in Africa and receives thousands of tourists each year.
Why is Cameroon a major tourist destination in Africa?
Cameroon is referred to as Africa in miniature with diverse plats and animals, culture and history.


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